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Fishing in Southwest Florida

Whether you are the avid angler or just someone who likes to cast the occasional line for relaxation, Southwest Florida offers the perfect environment for you. You will find that you are never more than just a few minutes away from a fishing hole. Whether it is the waters of the Gulf of Mexico or just a shallow pool several inches deep, there is sure to be a catch waiting there for you. With much of the wetlands in this area governmentally protected, the water quality is preserved attracting a vast array of marine life. Both the saltwater and the freshwater fisherman will find a plentiful amount of game.

Saltwater Fishing

Due to the far stretching shorelines, miles of sea grass beds and countless oyster bars, Southwest Florida attracts thousands of saltwater fishermen each year. The most sought after game fish are the snook, tarpon, redfish and spotted seatrout. Catch one of each during the course of a day, and the Grand Slam title is yours. For more information on saltwater fishing including regulations and permitting, click on the link below. This will direct you to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission:

Freshwater Fishing

It may be hard to believe, but Southwest Florida offers plenty of fishing sources to the freshwater angler as well. Although there may not be a large number of freshwater lakes in the area, the inlands are full of  drainage canals where the fish are bountiful. There are hundreds of miles of these canals and it is a common sight to find a line a cast from the bank or off an overhead bridge. In some areas there are boat ramps available too. Largemouth bass and panfish are a common catch from these canals. For more information on freshwater fishing, click on the link below:



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